We’ve Changed:
Enersource is now Alectra Utilities

What's New

Important changes are here

Alectra Utilities customers in Mississauga will now receive their electricity bills monthly. We have moved all residential accounts to “monthly billing” per the Ontario Energy Board mandate requiring all utilities in the province to make this change. The convenience of monthly billing means smaller, more manageable payments that better align with other monthly expenses. Now you can learn more about these changes.

 Paying your Alectra Utilities bills online?

Customer Service on Phone
Customers paying their Alectra Utilities’ bill online are reminded to select their former utility (Enersource) as the payee from the drop down selection box.




Current Time-of-Use

On Peak $$$

up 0.0¢/kWh

Mid Peak $$

9.4¢ /kWh
up 0.0¢/kWh

Off Peak $

up 0.0¢/kWh