Unregistered Easements

To obtain information regarding unregistered easements, please see details below:


The original inquiry letter together with the cheque as well as additional documents such as copy of the title search, the instruments and registered plans (only if applicable) should all come in as one package.
Please note that a reply (fax/e-mail) will be issued within 15 days upon receipt of the entire package.


For any unregistered easement , compliance letter inquiries the current fee is: $15.00 + HST, a total of $16.95 per property (only one property description, single lot search).
Please send in the request with a cheque written to Alectra Utilities. If there are multiple searches for properties a single cheque to cover the total amount is preferred.


Written requests can be mailed to:
Corporate Records and Mapping Department
Re: Unregistered Easements
Attn: Helena Turkiewicz
Easement & Permit Coordinator
3240 Mavis Road, Mississauga, Ontario L5C 3K1

If you have other questions you can email: hturkiewicz@enersource.com