If Someone at Home is on Life Support

Our life support registry

If you or a loved one relies on electrically-powered medical equipment like a ventilator or kidney dialysis machine, please let us know. We will put your name on a special registry that tells us you need alternative sources of power if we are scheduling a power outage due to maintenance or repair work.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee an uninterrupted supply of electricity. But if your name is on our registry, we will do our best to inform you of any power outages planned by Alectra Utilities. That way you can arrange to have back-up power for your medical equipment.

To register

Call us at 905-273-7425.

Is there assistance available to offset the costs for home hemodialysis treatments?

Yes, the Ontario Government funds the Home Hemodialysis Utility Grant program. If you are on home hemodialysis, the first step is to contact the Home Dialysis Coordinator in your Regional Renal Program. For more information on how to enroll for this Grant, read Home Hemodialysis Utility Grant PDF.