Conditions of Service

Our Conditions of Service is a document that explains our operating practices, the types and levels of service we provide, and our connection policies.

It is a large document, and to make it easier for you to find the information you’re looking for, we’ve split it into three main sections:


This section explains the legislation we follow, your rights as a customer, and the process for resolving disputes.

General distribution activities

This section explains our services and obligations. It covers areas like Capital Contribution, Billing, Hours of Work, Emergency Response, Power Quality and Voltage Availability.


This section explains the different levels of service we provide. It covers areas like Service Entrance Requirements, Delineation of Ownership, Special Contracts, and Metering.

You can read the full version of our Conditions of Service here.

Please be aware that this document sometimes changes to reflect current energy legislation and procedures. We notify our customers beforehand and we take their feedback into account before making the changes. We then provide the latest version of the document to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) and we post it here. Under Ontario’s Distribution System Code, Enersource Hydro Mississauga Inc. (now known as Alectra Utilities) originally filed its Conditions of Service with the OEB on April 15, 2003.

Effective January 1, 2015, this revised Conditions of Service will replace any prior versions. A summary of the changes can be found here. If you have comments or questions about our Conditions of Service, please write to us at:

Alectra Utilities
2185 Derry Rd. West
Mississauga, Ontario
L5N 7A6
Attention: Regulatory Affairs

Or email us at