About Your Meter

sm-image001Ontario has switched to smart meters!

If you’re an Alectra Utilities customer, your hydro meter is probably a smart meter. A smart meter looks like an older hydro meter except the display is digital and there are no dials. You’ll find your smart meter outside along the wall of your house or in your basement. If you live in an apartment or condominium, your meter is probably centrally located with the meters of other tenants.

Smart meters help you conserve and manage energy by measuring your electricity use every hour and sending a reading of it to Alectra Utilities every day. This helps you track your electricity use.

With Time-of-Use (TOU) rates you’re now able to take advantage of lower rates during non-peak times of use.




Reading your smart meter

sm-image002Your energy use

A smart meter uses digital numbers to record your energy use. The number on this meter shows that a total of 10460 kilowatt hours (kWh) have been used.

The black square below the number blinks when energy is being used. The faster it blinks, the faster the consumption.

The arrow next to the square tells you which direction energy is flowing: pointing right, it means energy is flowing into your home.

sm-image003Association numbers

You’ll also see a number on the smart meter called an association number, like the example to the left. The association number identifies the neighbourhood collector meter — this is a central meter that gathers readings from several hundred homes in one area. The collector meter then sends all those readings to Alectra Utilities.


sm-image004Error messages

If you see a number on your smart meter starting with an ‘E’, like the example to the left, there might be a problem with the meter. If that happens, Mississauga residents can call Alectra Utilities Customer Service at


sm-image005Test messages

You sometimes might see everything on your smart meter light up with 8s. This is to test that the meter is working correctly. It has no effect on your energy reading. You should know that we have a rigorous meter-testing program. All electricity meters must meet federal government regulations and may be checked by government inspectors to ensure readings are accurate.


How smart meters work

  • Your smart meter measures the energy you use every hour, and sends a reading of it to a collector meter, which sends it to us every day using wireless communication.
  • We then sends the information to a central storage facility that collects meter readings from homes across Ontario.
  • This information helps Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) understand where electricity is being used.
  • Now that everyone has switched to TOU rates you are able to view daily readings the next day. This will help you keep a closer watch on energy consumption and cut back on it during peak times of use. In the coming months you’ll be notified in advance of being moved to time-of-use rates.

Compare this with older mechanical meters, where you get only one reading for the entire one or two-month
billing period!

To learn more about smart meters, see our frequently asked questions or click on our video: