Conservation Heroes

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Alectra Utilities is recognizing the efforts of local businesses in Mississauga that have taken measures to successfully reduce their environmental footprint.

These businesses are all different in size, energy usage and in the services they offer but they all share one common trait – a strong commitment to the environment, as demonstrated through the careful management of their energy consumption.

At Alectra Utilities, we call these companies, ‘Conservation Heroes’ and are sharing their stories to illustrate that successful energy management is possible.

If you feel that you are a ’Conservation Hero’ or know of others who deserve such recognition, please contact Alectra Utilities at

Case Studies

City of Mississauga

“Conservation Heroes” are making a positive difference in Mississauga and one of the most influential members of this impressive group is the City itself.

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Mother Parkers

The term ‘hero’ is often used to describe those whose pursuits are noble and their successes inspirational. Rarely are companies called heroic, but the leadership demonstrated by Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee in environmental stewardship certainly fits the bill.

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