Under the AODA, organizations must make their Accessibility Reports available to the public. Our 2017 Accessibility Compliance Report was filed with the Government of Ontario on December 20, 2017.

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) is a provincial act with the purpose of developing, implementing, and enforcing accessibility standards in order to achieve accessibility for Ontarians with disabilities. The Accessibility Standards for Customer Service: Ontario Regulation 429/07, is the first accessibility standard created under the AODA. It establishes accessibility standards for customer service.

Here are some of the things we’re doing at Enersource so that we can continue to deliver excellent customer service:


When requested, customer bills and other service related information will be provided in a format that takes the person’s disability into consideration.

Use of Assistive Devices

Some people with disabilities require the use of assistive devices. Enersource staff have been trained on the use of common assistive devices.

Use of Service Animals

Persons with disabilities who require the assistance of a service animal can be accompanied by the animal where Enersource provides services on premises that it owns or operates and in the areas that the public and other third parties have access. Service animals must be kept in control at all times. *The animal will not be permitted onto Enersource property if it is on the list of animals excluded by the City of Mississauga .

Use of Support Persons

Persons with disabilities who are accompanied by a support person will be welcome where Enersource provides services on premises that it owns or operates and in the areas that the public and other third parties have access.

Notice of Planned Temporary Disruptions in Services and Facilities

Notice will be provided if a planned temporary disruption occurs in the services and facilities that are usually used by persons with disabilities to access services. Notices will include the reasons for the disruption, its expected duration and information about alternative means of accessing services, if available.

Accessibility Inquiries/Feedback

Customers who wish to receive materials in another format or find out more about the manner in which Enersource provides goods and services to persons with disabilities can contact us in any of these ways.

  1. Fill out our Accessibility Feedback Form
  2. Mail us at Accessibility Office, Enersource Corporation, 3240 Mavis Road, Mississauga, Ontario, L5C 3K1
  3. Call us at 905-273-9050.
  4. Fill out and submit this form to the email address or mailing address listed above.

All feedback will be forwarded immediately to the Accessibility Office. The Accessibility Office will investigate all feedback promptly, and take the corrective action as required.


Enersource’s Customer Service Accessibility Policy

Enersource Accessibility 5 year plan